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Short Company Profile


Operating in Montreal since 2007 Possibles Média is the production arm of producer Serge Noël who has work for more than 15 years in Cinema and Television. Possibles Média is oriented towards auteur films of international relevance and trans-media work. The production company finished in 2015 Early Winter by Australian Mexican director Michael Rowe, which premierd at Venice Film Festival and won the Venice Days Award. This movie stars Suzanne Clément and Paul Doucet. Also produced in 2015, Fatima by accomplished director Philippe Faucon which premiered at the Directors' Fortnight the same year. The movie had a great public career in worldwild festivals and theatres. In march 2016, Fatima won 3 César : Best Movie, Best Adaptation and Best Female Newcomer for Zita Hanrot.


In 2017, Possibles Média would like to shoot a 1930's Montreal-set historical thriller, Eastland Major, based on the novel Immaculate Conception by Gaétan Soucy. The film will be directed by David Birnbaum and stars Marc-André Grondin (C.R.A.Z.Y.).

Possibles Média is also working on Michael Rowe's next project. A feature film in Virtual Reality that tells the story of a soldier taking part in a conflict. Questioning his own implication and understanding the real motivation of its army.


Possibles Média is looking for sales and co-production reciprocity partnerships. Early creative involvement is desired from minority and majority partners.


Possibles Média is also developing several other projects in various stages of advancement, including project Two Worlds from Gerald Wexler, writer of Margaret's Museum and Manuel, le fils emprunté. The film will tell the incredible path of a Romanian fiddler exiled in 1938 in Montreal. Pretending to be a French Canadian he will earn a living as a popular musician.

Also in development, the feature film of Ivan Lowenberg, a Mexican writer and director who won the Young Artists Grant (FONCA) for this script development. Don't Want To Be Dust tells the story of a mid 50 housewife who tries to find the new meaning of her life as her daughter is going to study abroad Mexico and her husband doesn't seem to care anymore. New-age meditation group could be the key to her new path as they announces a big cataclysm : tree days of darkness.